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New artwork by Laurie Swim

The Lunenburg textile artist unveils one of her most ambitious works to date

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From left: textile artist Laurie Swim and musician Eleanor McCain in front of Laurie’s artwork “Time Goes By” (7.3' x 11.5'). Photo credit: Larry Goldstein.

Last week while visiting Lunenburg, I dropped by Laurie Swim’s studio on Lincoln Street. Laurie is an award-winning artist who has been working with textiles for over 40 years.


Her charming gallery showcases a number of her intricate handmade textile artworks, including an incredible new work she unveiled just a few weeks ago. Titled “Time Goes By,” this piece is over seven feet tall and 11 feet long, making it one of the largest pieces Laurie has ever created.

Musician/singer Eleanor McCain commissioned the piece, and gave Laurie creative control over what to design. “Eleanor said she wanted something representing Nova Scotia,” Laurie says. “It’s loosely based on a historic photograph from the late 1940s of Blue Rocks.”

Eleanor saw the piece for the first time at its unveiling on June 13.  She plans to showcase it in the foyer of her home in Hackett’s Cove. “It will be in a modern home and will hang on concrete at the opening of the great room,” Laurie says.


Inside textile artist Laurie Swim’s gallery on Lincoln Street, Lunenburg.

It took Laurie 10 months to create the tapestry-like quilted mural. She hand-painted the sky. I love her use of vibrant colours in the piece—reds, greens and yellows, plus the hits of metallic material that make the water gleam. These photos don’t really do it justice—you need to see it in person to really appreciate its colour and texture.


Another shot from inside the gallery.

The work is the centerpiece of Laurie’s solo show Transitions, which is running at her gallery until July 12. I’ve included here a few shots of the rest of Laurie’s space—I love its ornate tin ceiling and old wood floors. Definitely a must-see on your next trip to Lunenburg.


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