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Amber Harkins Memorial Award winners announced

Two NSCAD design students to split this semester’s award

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Sara Panchaud and Warren Jones will share the winter 2016 Amber Harkins Memorial Award. Image courtesy of Warren Jones

NSCAD design students Sara Panchaud and Warren Jones will find finishing their degrees a little easier on their wallets after winning this semester’s Amber Harkins Memorial Award. This is the first time two students will share the award.

The $3,000 scholarship is funded by Dine By Design East, an annual event showcasing celebrated designers and chefs from Canada’s East Coast in a gala of food, drink, art, and design.

Jonathan Legate of Jonathan Legate Interior Consultation and Suzanne Saul of Attica Furnishings created the event in 2013 specifically to raise money for a NSCAD design scholarship. In its first year the event raised $20,000 to establish the Amber Harkins Memorial Scholarship Fund, which is is awarded in the fall and winter semesters to a full-time NSCAD student with a strong academic record who also demonstrates financial need.

Harkins was a former editor of East Coast Living who passed away from cancer in 2012 at age 40. She worked on the magazine in its early days and shaped the tone, style, and warmth you still see in our pages today.


Image courtesy of Warren Jones

“This scholarship came as a bit of a surprise to the both of us,” Panchaud said via email. “Living out of province has definitely put a financial dent into both of our wallets, so I know for sure that the scholarship will bring some ease to the semester and let us focus on what it takes to finish up during crunch time of our final semester, rather than working ourselves to the bone on the side.” Both students are originally from Ontario.

The pair collaborated on the NSCAD apparel project, which was a contributing factor in the school deciding to share the award.

Image courtesy of Warren Jones

Image courtesy of Warren Jones

Jones and Panchaud resurrected a project started by students who graduated in 2015. The project offered an array of pre-printed shirts, and invited students to bring their own t-shirts, hoodies or other cotton apparel to the print shop to be branded with a NSCAD-themed designs.

“The school needed something that was going to bring as much awareness to the school as other universities in the area get,” says Panchaud. “People choose a school for a reason, they are proud to be a part of it. We wanted a way for students to show that they are proud to be a part of that small community.”

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