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Get the look: A delightful dining room

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Get the look design advice

Welcome to the first in a series of regular blog posts in which some of Atlantic Canada’s top designers and decorators share with you how they achieved the look in one of their favourite rooms. First up is Charli Junker of Your Space, Our Design in St. John’s Newfoundland.

Junker says this dining room was “a delight to design.”

Photo by Lainey's photography

Photo by Lainey’s photography

1. The vignette, a small, tabletop grouping of objects, offers an eye-catching space for the homeowner to check her makeup before going out, and a bowl to store her keys.

2. Tufted back chairs add texture and comfort. Junker discovered these at Costco, two for $275.

3. Abundant natural light allowed Junker to use a deeper wall colour in the dining room. “The paint colour was a nice compliment to the dark wood flooring,” she says. “The natural light allowed us to choose a deeper wall colour without feeling too dramatic in the space. We also went with sheer blinds throughout as they give a soft look while still being able to block out sun when desired.” The paint colour is Coventry Grey by Benjamin Moore.

4. A large chandelier accentuates the height of the room. Hang it 106 cms above the table for the greatest effect.

5. “Hanging drapery at the 9-foot mark, allows the space to feel more cohesive and lessens the feel of the 16-foot ceiling,” says Junker. This also allowed her to use pre-fab drapes to save some money in the project budget.

6. “The oversized orchid draws the eye up to meet the grand chandelier,” says Junker. “Orchids are a favourite flower of mine as they can be manipulated into different orientations and offer a hit of the unexpected. Flowers also offer softness.”

7. A round table encourages conversation among your dinner guests.

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