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Super sandwiches

Our interim editor explains why we took a different approach with our fall cover

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I wasn’t sure when contributor Karen Pinchin pitched me a story about sandwiches for this issue’s Eating In section. I love sandwiches. They may be my favourite food to make or eat. But a whole story on sandwiches?

Karen is the kind of writer editors love to work with. She knows how to tell a story, and what little details she can add to make it sing. This isn’t just a story about sandwiches, she told me, it’s a story about how something simple can offer opportunities for creativity. And she was right.

The sandwiches Karen collected from chefs and restaurateurs across our region are as varied as the homes we bring you in every issue. And that’s why we decided to put one on our cover.

Sandwiches offer a quick, portable meal that’s far tastier (and often more nutritious) than much of the food you’ll find on the run. They’re also familiar. Sandwiches remind us of a thoughtfully packed school lunch or a cozy day spent at home. While all sandwiches are built on a bread base, each one has a different twist based on local ingredients or its chef’s history.

Take for example, chef Mark McCrowe’s bologna grilled cheese sandwich.

Newfoundlanders each eat 180 kilograms of bologna annually, according to The Bologna Cookbook by Kevin Philips. We can be sure a good quantity of that total makes its way into a sandwich. But McCrowe puts his own stamp on this simple staple by layering on jalapenos, red onion, and porchetta. Sandwiches also offer us an opportunity to try something new. For example, the DLT (Dulse, Lettuce, and Tomato) shared by Dave Forestell of Slocum and Ferris in Saint John, N.B. I made one at home last week. Like bacon, toasted dulse is salty and crispy, but this seaweed brings a hint of briny sea air to the familiar BLT.

Also in this issue, we’ll take you to a stately family home in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley that’s been lovingly renovated. We’ll present four bathrooms from four Atlantic Canadian design consultants that are sure to spark your own reno projects. And our Eating In section highlights two things to be thankful for: beer and turkey.

We’re always on the lookout for eye-catching homes and up-and-coming designers, artisans, and tradespeople to feature, so contact us via Facebook, Twitter, or email if you have any suggestions or comments.

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