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Form and function: Skyewood

It took some time, but Skyler Chappell found his niche in the woodworking industry

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The smell of freshly cut wood brings Skyler Chappell back to childhood. He played with scrap pieces of wood while his father worked on projects at the family’s construction business, Chappell Custom Homes, in Marshfield, P.E.I. While he grew up around carpentry, he only recently found his niche in the woodworking industry.

“I got an urge to make a cutting board while I was making supper one evening,” he says. “The board I had been using was warping and splitting causing cracks where bacteria could form. After lots of research and four or five years and many cutting boards later, Skyewood was born,” he says. He opened the business in January 2016.

Chappell hand-crafts all of the cutting and serving boards he sells under his company name, Skyewood. Each piece is unique. He selects pieces of hardwood for their density, coloration, grain, and species, and assembles them with non-toxic glues. Each piece is a work of art and a functional kitchen tool.

When designing a cutting board, Chappell works each block to ensure the proper direction and angle of the grain to minimize warping and splitting. He finishes each cutting board by hand-sanding it to complete the handmade look and feel.

“The main reason why I love to do this is because working with wood comes so natural,” he says. “Most importantly, there’s no better feeling than knowing you’re making a product that someone can enjoy for decades if they take proper care it.”

Growing up in the family business shaped the way Chappell thinks about his livelihood. “This has taught me to appreciate the trade of carpentry and allowed me branch off into my own creative direction while incorporating many of the things my father has taught me over the years,” he says.

“The future looks bright for Skyewood, business is steady. All the while I have been diving into wood artwork and other projects while always keeping an open mind to new woodworks.”

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