Gallery – Hearth and soul

Check out these extra photos from our winter 2016 cover shoot. Read the full story here.

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  • Peggy Stewart and Jack Kivlichan in front of their Southcott Award-winning home.
  • Stewart enjoys a cup of tea in her kitchen.
  • Kivlichan installed the wood slat ceiling. The couple removed all previous “funky” paneling and wallpaper, and replaced it with wainscotting.
  • Kivlichan built the den shelves faced with pine boards to make the regular lumber appear thicker. It gives the whole room a striking horizontal edge
  • The bricks for the chimney were originally ballast for ships coming into the harbour that were discarded upon arrival.
  • “When my husband died in Maine, I bought things that didn‘t go with my life before. I got an electric baby grand piano and a leather couch, and they got together and talked and they really hated that cheap patio set I ate off of. When I got here, they heaved a sigh of relief.”
  • The bathroom doesn’t have a window, so the light Newfoundland spruce flooring brightens up this small space.
  • Sliding barn doors offer full access to the washer, dryer, and shower.
  • The house is filled with secret storage spaces, like this nook above the stairs.
  • Stewart’s office is a good example of decorating within a given colour palette. She found the rug for the room and worked the floor and furniture choices around it.
  • The painted floor and fireplace speak to the home’s heritage, but the yellow walls brighten up the old home.
  • Kivlichan brought only a few things from his house when he moved: his paintings, guitar, and books. But he had to bring all his bookshelves to accommodate the couple’s large, joint collection.
  • Kivlichan’s office can double as a guest room.
  • This top of the stairs storage space offers extra shelving for books.
  • The garden paths were originally gravel but the dogs hated it and would walk along the lichen-covered stone walls instead. Eventually the pair covered the path with cobblestones.
  • “What I did in the backyard is my legacy, because these rock walls will last,” Stewart says.
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