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Spring issue highlights

Our editor picks her top stories from our spring issue, and wants your input to help shape our future magazines.

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It’s great to be back at the magazine after being away on maternity leave. Stéphane, Claudia, and I welcomed a baby girl, Eloise, last January. She’s been walking since nine months and puts everything in her mouth that she finds on her travels. We all keep busy running after her to make sure fridge magnets aren’t her next snack.

During my time away, Stéphane and I had hoped to build a new addition to our house: a garage for the car with a bedroom and bathroom on the second level. But, as can be the way with home renovations, after seeing the final quote for the job we changed our minds. We decided to spend the money elsewhere— on new stairs down to the backyard, new shelves to hold all the kid stuff and books, and a new bed (for collapsing in, after all that running around).

Now that I’m back at work, I’m having fun reconnecting with our writers, photographers, and of course, all of you readers. It’s exciting to once again be profiling some of the best decorating and design in our region. We feature two very different homes in our Spring issue: one designed from scratch, and another that’s been transformed thoughtfully over time.

Our cover story by Kim Hart Macneill takes us inside Christy Bussey and Christopher Murphy’s mid-century home in North End Halifax. With different decorating tastes, they’d struggled with how to revamp their home’s dated interior. Halifax design consultant Sappho Griffin helped them find common ground. I love Sappho’s creative use of colour in their home, sourcing hues from drapery fabric and even a vintage dish pattern.

The home we feature in our building story by Heather MacLean Reid is a real showstopper. Collaborating with Fredericton architect Carl Smyth, homeowners Martin and Cynthia Flewwelling designed their sleek modern home in Rothesay to show off stunning sightlines of the Kennebecasis River. They kept the interior white, so it doesn’t distract from those views. But I think the artwork in their home, the majority from local artists, is the real scene stealer. Photographer Bruce Murray did an incredible job capturing this unique space.

I’m always thrilled to feature work by Atlantic Canadian artists in the magazine. It was a real treat in this issue to hold a photo shoot with photographer Beth Dunham at Jamie Durnnian’s Dartmouth home. Jamie is a passionate collector of local pottery and artwork. He loves visiting artists in their studios to see their new work. Our décor story by Marilyn Smulders will give you plenty of destinations to check out on your road trips this spring.

We rely on you to tell us about the Atlantic Canadian artisans and designers you want to see in East Coast Living. And with spring’s better weather fast approaching, we’re now on the hunt for interesting homes and cottages to photograph this summer. Have you discovered something exciting on your travels this spring? Know of an inspiring home in your neighbourhood? Feel free to drop me a line about the homes, products, and people you’d like to see in our upcoming issues. I’d love to hear from you—email with your ideas.

Janice Hudson

East Coast Living