Gallery: Connected to the cove

Dramatic views are available both inside and out from this remarkable Sandy Cove home located on the Digby Neck.

Photos: Michael Carty

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  • Perched on the Bay of Fundy, the home offers spectacular ocean vistas.
  • Jenipher Gidney wanted a home that would blend seamlessly with the community, not "stick out like a sore thumb."
  • With dramatic views of the Bay of Fundy and a rugged wooded setting, this two-level home in Sandy Cove, N.S. showcases nature and modern design.
  • The Gidney house is proof that a home can be stylish and comfortable without breaking its community's aesthetic. The rustic exterior gives little hint of the comforts within.
  • With a clear vision and detailed plans, the Gidneys worked hard to build the home they envisaged.
  • Carefully chosen local artwork complements the home's earthy vibe.
  • Distinctive wooden beams tie the home to its natural setting.
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