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Six tips for a cozy fall bedroom

Cooler nights encourage us to stay in bed a little longer. If you adopt too many of these cozy bedroom décor tips, you may never want to get up

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Photo: Ashley Marie Photography

Photo: Ashley Marie Photography

1. Up the cozy factor when transitioning your bedroom décor to fall by embracing mixed textile textures on your bed. Melissa Totton, owner of Decoria Interiors in Woodstock, N.B. suggests boldly incorporating into your bedding basics chunky knits, faux furs, and luxe velvets by way of throw pillows and blankets. This lends your space a layered look plus keeps the night chill at bay.

2. Usher in a change of colour schemes with the change of seasons. Betty Praught, interior decorator at Interiors by Lynette in Charlottetown, suggests switching up duvet covers to welcome warmer greys instead of the cooler tones of summer. Benjamin Moore’s sophisticated Gray Owl, Revere Pewter, and Coastal Fog are shades of grey that help create a cozy, intimate atmosphere. Or be brave and keep summer whites on the bed and freshen up a duvet with throws and pillows in warm jewel tones for fall.

MacAusland Woollen Mills blanket

3. A MacAusland Woollen Mills blanket is the must-have item for your bed this fall according to Jennifer Young, general manager at Cottage Industry, a modern home decor shop in Charlottetown. For over 85 years, MacAusland has handcrafted this traditional blanket from 100% raw wool produced in the Atlantic region. It will add vintage flare and old-fashioned charm to your decor. These P.E.I.-made blankets are warm and soft, making them perfect for snuggles on these cooler fall evenings, and so durable they will last a lifetime.

Heather Whitman, owner of Panache Luxury Linens boutique in Halifax, N.S. Photo: Haley Vaz

4. To get really warm and snuggly, Heather Whitman, owner of Panache Luxury Linens boutique in Halifax, insists a Canadian-made, 100% goose-down duvet will prepare your nest for the fall and winter months. Add a down-filled mattress topper beneath you and down pillows to finish off the bed. Unlike feathers, down compresses and puffs back up again as air moves through it so your sleeping environment maintains your body temperature.

5. Spread the warmth to the rest of your surroundings. Interior designer Kelly Moore, co-owner of Underwood and Moore Interior Designers, in Chester, N.S. suggests placing a luxurious area rug under or beside the bed. Layer rugs with contrasting textures or patterns and avoid being matchy-matchy.

6. Incorporate nature-inspired accessories in the room such as wood, wicker storage boxes, and large pinecones. Moore says accent lighting with tri-light lamps give you the flexibility to warm up the feel of your room with lower lighting.

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