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Looking back on a year of East Coast Living, and forward to 2018

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Looking back on a year of East Coast Living, and forward to 2018

This season makes me think about the new year coming, and what stories to cover. That always means looking back on the last year to reflect on what stories inspired me, and which ones our readers returned to our website to read again and again.

One of our most popular stories of 2017 was “Hearth and soul” from our last winter issue. In that story, we visited a Newfoundland heritage home, lovingly cared for by Peggy Stewart and Jack Kivlichan. When we look at what makes a home an East Coast Living home, this one hits all the right buttons.

As a heritage home, it has a lot to tell us about how Atlantic Canadians before us built and used their homes. And how we use those homes today.

Like many older homes, this one was low on storage. Stewart and Kivlichan shared with our readers the covert ways they added storage with bookshelves above the dormer windows and half-width doors in the narrow hallways to save space. Most of all, the couple’s love for their home shone through, and inspired many readers to email us about how they could see their own home in this story.

Another story you loved was “Set to impress” from our spring issue, about handmade ceramics for every day use. It’s tempting to want to reserve our finest pieces for special events, but the collectors in this piece remind us that every day is special with the right plates. As potter Joan Bruneau shared in the story: “Preparing and presenting an inspired meal elevates the everyday from banal to beautiful.”

In addition to inspiring our cooking, using “the good dishes” every day helps us appreciate the importance of the simple act of sharing a meal with our nearest and dearest. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to let your nicest piece shine for all to see.

The story that personally inspired me most this year was actually from 2016; “Winds of change” from the summer issue. This year, it received an honourable mention at the National Magazine Awards, an honour that’s not often extended to magazines on our side of the country. It reminded me of how proud I am to work on a magazine that helps us share our region’s unique style and way of life here on the East Coast with you, and occasionally the rest of the country.

You’ll find these three stories, and many more in our digital archives at I hope they’ll inspire you to start new projects. As for us, we have plenty of new ideas for 2018.

In our first issue of the year we’ll show you how to make, serve, and host a posh high tea; visit an eco-friendly Lockeport, N.S. home that will get you thinking about how to tread lightly on the planet; and look at unusual vegetables suited to East Coast gardens.

As with every issue of East Coast Living, we love hearing your feedback and suggestions for upcoming issues. Tell us about your homes, and favourite artisans and craftspeople and you might see them in our pages in 2018.

Kim Hart Macneill
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