Gallery: An unusual beach house

Normally, most people who purchase a beach-front property decide to build with a view of the beach and ocean. Not so in this case. Read the story by Sandra Phinney here.

Janet Kimber

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  • A 19-metre long deck fronts nearly 15 metres of windows that take full advantage of passive solar in all seasons. The Adirondack chairs are made from recycled plastic.
  • Although it’s adjacent to the dining and living area, the kitchen’s drop ceiling and wrap around Corian countertop give a sense of separation. Recessed lighting and subdued knobs and handles on cupboards ensure clean lines and an uncluttered look.
  • The fireplace is a self-contained, precast unit that doesn’t need a screen. Not only does it hold the heat but it also has a strong draught to prevent smoke from billowing back into the room.
  • Main entrance.
  • The master bedroom features full width windows with unobtrusive blinds.
  • Part of the “screen room” at the end of the beach house, where the family stores sports gear and accessories for quick access to beach.
  • Jaeger, Casey, Keith, and Teri enjoy the sun on the deck.
  • The boys love playing in the surf just beyond the tree line of their summer home.
  • A good stash of wood is conveniently located close to the entrance of the beach house.
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