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Bring the outside in

Bring the outdoors in by incorporating trendy textures and colours inspired by Mother Nature into your fall home décor

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Warm wood tones

Ivory and white tones are common in nature-themed décor this year. Jane Gallant, owner of Modern Jane in Summerside, P.E.I., says an emphasis on natural elements can create a cozy space. “The white space trend is here to stay,” she says. “Incorporate furniture with light and mid-tone wood to warm up the space.” Interior designer Susan Snow, owner of Moving Designz in Summerside, P.E.I., suggests adding your favorite wood species as an accent like floating shelves, as a mantel piece, or a decorative wooden bowl.

The distressed look of reclaimed wood, sleek white oak, or acacia wood really warms up your décor. “Place wood tray tables on your counters or tables,” says Snow. “Round up decorative items like cooking oils, potted herbs, books, candles, or flowers to present them in a cohesive and organized manner.”

Savannah Belsher-MacLean, owner of Hazelbrook Homestead, a vacation rental and wedding venue, in Pownal, P.E.I., incorporates elements inspired by nature into her décor. She suggests adding soft leathers or floral fabric into textiles, jute or cotton area rugs, houseplants in wicker, rattan, or woven fabric to mimic natural textures

Embrace organics

Potted plants add colour and natural flair, but if your thumb is not the greenest, try succulents or air plants. Gallant says they are much easier to care for with just a little bit of research. “Plants add life to a space, soften hard lines and create balance in vignettes.”

Flowers aren’t the only way to add texture. Use decorative branches in your vases in lieu of flowers. Dogwood branches have a lovely red tone and are readily available this time of year. “These are great projects to get you out of the house and up close and personal with nature plus kids love these kinds of projects,” says Snow.

Cutting boards in all shapes, sizes, and shades are on point this fall. Snow says you can easily update and add texture to your décor by leaning various sizes and shapes of wood cutting boards against your back splash. She says cutting boards made with a combination of wood and marble are hot right now. “These are particularly fabulous to add warmth to a white kitchen,” she says.

Show your wild side

Add whimsical charm to your home décor this fall by incorporating all things animal.

“Our furry friends are more popular than ever,” says Snow. “Invite them inside using artwork pieces, printed toss cushions, faux fur pillows and sculptural items like antlers, statues or felted creatures.” Consider these in dens and children’s spaces or as oversized statement art.

Displaying wild treasures found in nature such as driftwood and sea glass also add warmth to a cold space. “Driftwood, rocks, seashells, sand dollars, pinecones, and chestnuts are perfect for filling pretty bottles and dishes, in hutches, on shelves or even as bookends,” says Gallant.

When collecting items outdoors, ensure you are not trespassing on private property, or removing anything from a provincial or national park, which is illegal.

Snow says decorating with nature isn’t just on trend, it can be practically free too. “Gather white birch logs from the woods, cut to smaller lengths and display them neatly in a wicker basket beside your hearth,” she says.

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