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Trends that last

Décor ideas guaranteed to stay on-point for years to come

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Photo: Chris Griffiths/Bang-On Photography/Lori Clark Interiors

Some trends will date an interior, says Suzanne Saul, owner of Attica Furnishings in Halifax. Think pink 1950s bathrooms and the shag carpet of the ‘70s. We asked interior specialists across the region what trends will stand the test of time.

“What I’ve seen happening is a move toward collaborative design,” says Lori Clarke, owner of Lori Clarke Interiors in Fredericton. “They want our designs to be infused with their personality.”
Simplicity is key to timeless style, says Saul.

“I have always found my clients don’t regret choosing the simpler option,” she says. The more complicated choice is often the one that causes long-term remorse. “When decorating with images and patterns it’s always a good idea to focus on negative space and give the eye a place to rest. No matter your style, clutter is never in fashion.”

Think clean lines, simple forms, and minimalist decor to keep your home feeling peaceful and elegant. “Many of the streamlined interiors of the ‘60s are still in style today and will be 20 years from now,” she says.

Photo: Chris Griffiths/Bang-On Photography/Lori Clark Interiors

Keep in mind the seven interior-design principles as you chose each piece for a room: unity, balance, rhythm, emphasis, contrast, scale, and proportion, says Saul.

“If you have grey walls and a grey floor, for example, it will look bland and muddy unless you apply the contrast principle and add light and dark elements,” she says. To do this pick changeable decor pieces like lamps, throws, and pillows to add contrast. This also means you can change a room’s look or feel later without spending a lot of money or time.

A well-designed interior can help keep your love affair with your home burning brightly for many years says Clarke.

“One trend that has turned out to have some real weight behind it is the relationship between humankind and nature,” Clarke says. “People want an organic feel in their home or office, which you can get with original artwork or a simple piece of pottery. Those items never go out of style.”

“The best thing you can do to make your home look timeless is to furnish it with quality crafted pieces,” Saul adds. “Cheaply made furniture, fabrics, and accessories don’t age well, and in no time will make your place look tired and shabby.”

Don’t overlook the classic options just because they are classics. Wood is one example, says Wanda Young, the founder of Wanda Young Interior Design in Mount Pearl, N.L.

“Whether you’re talking about your kitchen cupboards or your floors, warm, natural wood is something that will always be in style and never look dated,” Young says.

Photo: Chris Griffiths/Bang-On Photography/Lori Clark Interiors

Saul says neutral tones, such as whites, beiges, and greys are synonymous with classic interiors. But that doesn’t mean all interior spaces need to follow that template.

“I love colour, and never want to discourage anyone from surrounding themselves with hues that they crave,” she says. “While you may be enamoured with the latest Pantone colour of the year, perhaps use it in accessories like pillows or vases, and not big pieces like your sofa or kitchen cabinets.”

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