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20 years of change with Jane Veldhoven

Our favourite designers, decorators, and artisans look back over the last two decades

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Organizing is a passion Jane Veldhoven first honed in her childhood toy box.

Barbie dolls on one side; their clothes neatly folded nearby. Every single toy had its place, as did her book collection. As an adult, Veldhoven turned
that love of organizing into a thriving Halifax business.

Get Organized by Design helps clients design systems that bring clarity to their homes. Her love of all things mid-century modern gives her work a distinct style, as does her interest in minimalism and tiny houses.

What made you want to be a designer?

I started an organizing business in 2003 thinking I would just be sorting and organizing stuff, but soon got into designing closets, laundry rooms, playrooms, and home offices. The decorating and design side of the business grew from there and now I am actually doing less actual hands-on organizing work and more design and renovation work, much of which involves storage solutions in every room of the house and some large kitchen renovation projects.

What design trends have come and gone in that time?

I have been in business for 16 years and I would say the biggest change is the home improvement television shows which depict renovation projects in a manner that is not real at all.

So many people think they can manage large projects themselves because it looks so quick and easy on television and then they run into all kinds of difficulty, and often well over budget. In my opinion, hiring a qualified designer or decorator can save thousands of dollars of costly mistakes for any size project.

What has stayed the same is that good design is good design. What I mean by that is that if done properly your space will be functional and beautiful for many years.

What current trend do you love?

I am completely in love with metals in a polished black or black stainless finish on fixtures, furniture, anywhere.

What’s one trend that you think will always stay relevant?

My hope is that the minimalist movement will help everyone be more thoughtful about how and what they purchase. When it comes to our homes, I hope that we consider purchasing only what we truly need and love and that we purchase quality, locally-made products wherever possible to not only support the local economy but to minimize our impact on the environment and how we consume resources.

What’s your best redecorating or renovating advice?

Spend as much time as you possibly can planning, planning, and planning. Create a budget, choose everything in advance down to the last detail, and then start purchasing.

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