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A message from East Coast Living magazine

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Photos: Bruce Murray

As the COVID-19 situation evolves, East Coast Living keeps a hopeful eye on the future, continuing to gather the stories of Atlantic Canadians. We hope that the stories we’ve been sharing are providing you with a sense of comfort and normalcy during these uncertain times. Together (while staying safely apart) in our East Coast fashion, we will provide each other comfort and support while we weather this storm. The health and safety of our staff, our clients, and the communities we serve is our utmost priority.

We have taken measures to ensure safe work environments. Our office is closed to the public and we are practicing social distancing, taking special measures for deliveries and receiving, working from home where possible, and implementing rigorous safety and cleaning steps to help protect our community.

By monitoring the situation closely and taking guidance from the Public Health Agency of Canada, we are confident we will keep our work environments safe, our Metro Guide Publishing and Advocate family healthy, and our clients and readers informed and supported.

East Coast Living