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Be more kind

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“Oh come on,” I muttered to myself as I watched the man turn into the other end of the aisle moving against the arrows. While this method of navigating the grocery store frustrates me too, I follow rules. I seethed silently as he rolled his cart toward me.

As we passed, our eyes met over our masks. His eyes darted to the floor and then back to mine with a look of embarrassment. “Sorry,” he said, “I forgot for just a second.” He turned his cart in a circle and scooted back down the aisle, following the arrows. I felt like a jerk for being so angry about a simple mistake we’ve all made. When I saw him in line later, I smiled broadly under my mask, hoping it touched my eyes when he glanced my way.

The world has changed immeasurably since I wrote my first editor’s message of the year in March. From how we work to how we socialize, we’ve had to rewrite our former patterns.

Early on, we were eager to help our neighbours and even strangers when those isolating put out the call for someone to collect a prescription or walk a dog. We sewed masks and put signs in our windows cheering on health-care workers and remembering those murdered in Portapique, N.S.

Now that the world is adjusting to the new normal of bubbles, distancing, and (for many) a return to work and school, it also feels like we’re also forgetting the wave of kindness that swept us up in the spring. I urge you to remember how quickly our communities mobilized to help and commit to carrying that spirit through the rest of 2020, no matter what it brings. Smile under your mask until it touches your eyes.

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Kim Hart Macneill,

East Coast Living