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Trending for fall

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Dark colorful home interior with retro furniture, Mexican style living room Photo: Bigstock

10 tips from two East Coast designers

1. Colours

Colour is slowly making its way back into the design world-but keep it warm and rich. 

Virginia Ward “Neutral tones in our home were a major focal point in design for so long, but now we’re shifting into warmer, richer colour schemes.

Deborah Nicholson “We’re moving away from robins’ eggs bluey-grey colours and moving towards warmer, darker colours.”

2. Simplifying our Spaces

The urge to be connected with the space around us has been amplified by the pandemic. 

 Deborah Nicholson “There is such a need for self-nurturing and self-care because we spend so much time in our homes. Less clutter, more utilizing our environment for function. Connecting with the world around us as Marie Kondo has taught us, is huge. The simple rule is that things in your home should make you feel good.”  

3. Cozy up your Space

Get ready to cuddle in for those Netflix nights.

Virginia Ward “The next time you have to go shopping for fall pieces, looking for anything you want to cuddle up with is a great place to start. A cozy blanket to drape over your sofa, or pretty much anything that is going to make you want to snuggle into your space and feel comfortable.”

4. Texture, Texture, Texture

Deborah Nicholson “You can add texture through fabrics and paints in different elements of your home – not just on the wall. Adding in layers of colour and textures will add that autumn warmth and cozy feeling.”

5. Artwork

Artwork is low commitment and a very easy element to transition into the season. Deborah Nicolson “Go to local artist sales and markets to find artists and weavers who work with textiles. Why not support somebody local and get a one-of-a-kind piece at the same time?”

6. Go Local

Natural, handmade and local is where it’s at. 

Deborah Nicholson “There’s something about handmade that completely transcends factory-made goods. It’s like we instinctively know that someone’s put in creative thought and energy, and we feel it.”

7. Repurpose your Home

 Shop your home you will be surprised by all the great finds!

Virginia Ward “You don’t have to buy new things. Instead, switch around those everyday staple items like chairs and throw pillows and try them out in new spaces with new uses.”

8. Paint

One of the quickest and most cost-efficient ways to transform a room is with a coat of paint.

Virginia Ward “Paint is an easy and inexpensive way to jazz up your space for fall. Try painting a powder room, an accent wall or just scroll on Pinterest and look at inspo where rooms have a paint feature.”

9. Mouldings

Frame mouldings on walls can add another dimension and a feel of almost an old world to your home.

Virginia Ward “Old homes have that beautiful architecture and attention to detail that is sometimes lacking in our homes now.”

10. Become a plant parent

Bring nature inside. Some of those plants on the patio that you watered all summer can transition to the indoors. Enhancing any room with a little green is a huge trend that is likely here to stay, even for pared down décor. Designers all agree that nothing freshens up a room more than a few lush plants.

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