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Calm, curated and collected

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Style influencer Brett Meech. Photo: Steve Smith, Visionfire Studios

Style influencer Brett Meech. Photo: Steve Smith, Visionfire Studios

The “talked about” style trends for spring 2022 are speaking my language

If ever there was a time where antiques were “trending,” it would be now. Coming into spring 2022 we are seeing things finally return to normal after a global crisis. As humans, we have been and will continue to seek comfort in the objects that surround us in our homes and in our daily lives. Antiques add warmth to our spaces with their time worn surfaces. We care more than ever about our impact on the planet and the need to reuse, reduce, and recycle. These items we have curated are meant to be integrated with your existing collections to create something unique. 

Photo: Steve Smith, Visionfire Studios

1. A glassy affair

These mouth-blown glass European pickling jars offer a sea of possibilities in terms of styling. They are full of tiny imperfections that make each unique. Our styling here with tulips still on the bulb satisfies our desire for transparency in the things we bring into our homes. They also look beautiful styled completely empty, celebrating their statuesque form. Reinventing these vessels from season to season couldn’t be any easier, as they seamlessly become part of your year-round décor. Imagine them full of collected glass ornaments or lights and pinecones in winter. 

Photo: Steve Smith, Visionfire Studios

2. Fill it up

The warmth that handmade pottery brings to the home is unparalleled. These vintage bowls have a beautiful vase-like shape that allows them to be used in many different ways. We have styled them as planters, but they could just as easily be used to hold citrus on your kitchen counter, or as the centrepiece of your coffee table.

Photo: Steve Smith, Visionfire Studios

3. Galvanize your ideas

Beautiful inside the home or outside, zinc has a timeless patina like no other metal. A collection of zinc pails full of spring flowers on your doorstep gives the look of an English cottage. A time-worn zinc watering can could be used as a vase to hold fresh cut flowers inside the home, or put to work again in the garden.

Photo: Steve Smith, Visionfire Studios

4. Bleached out

Wood has always been the best way to add warmth and character to your home. These sun-bleached wood bowls are sourced in India and were once used to mix bread dough every day — so they are each unique and full of character. Display empty like a piece of sculpture, or part of a tablescape filled with plants, or a collection of textural objects.

Photo: Steve Smith, Visionfire Studios

5. Wrinkles and weave

One of the biggest trends we are seeing going into 2022 and beyond is a huge focus on natural fibres. They breathe and insulate unlike any man-made fibre and provide an unparalleled tactile experience. Linen is my personal favourite material. Its wrinkles, thick weave, and visual texture add warmth to even the most contemporary spaces. These pieces can be used whole as a throw, bed cover, or tablecloth. They are also ideal for creating new pieces like table runners, pillow covers, and even clothing. 

Brett Meech

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