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Add some PUNCH to your holiday celebration

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Ironworks Rose Punch. Photo: Colleen Thompson

Punch is making a comeback this holiday season. And we don’t mean the bright red syrup with floating foreign objects that triggers college flashbacks. We’re talking real punch, made with artisanal Atlantic-crafted spirits and local seasonal ingredients. East Coast Living partnered with four Atlantic distilleries to bring you the best holiday gin punch.

Punch dates back to at least the 17th century. Some historians claim the name came from paanch, the Hindi word for five. It was traditionally made with five ingredients: a base spirit, sweetener for balance, spice for boldness, citrus for sourness and a mix for volume. 

Whether made in large batches and ladled from grandma’s 1970s cut glass punch bowl or poured from a pitcher, a well-crafted punch is just plain festive and makes for perfect holiday-season sharing. 

Colleen Thompson

East Coast Living