About Us

East Coast Living is Atlantic Canada’s premier homes magazine. The editorial mandate of the magazine is to provide Atlantic Canadian readers with engaging stories that will inspire their own home projects. It is also to be the first source of information on home-related topics from a distinctive East Coast point of view.

Published quarterly, each issue of the magazine profiles Atlantic Canadian homes, focusing on architecture, renovation, artwork, and décor, with a special interest in modern design; the magazine also covers cooking, beverages and entertaining. At its core, East Coast Living aims to expand conventional ideas of Atlantic Canadian design. The magazine is a unique forum for showcasing the creative work of East Coast architects, designers, decorators, artists and chefs who are doing exciting things in their fields.

Four times per year, 35,000 copies of each issue are delivered to newsstands and daily newspaper subscribers across the four Atlantic Provinces. The magazine is also available by subscription. East Coast Living is a Metro Guide publication.

About Metro Guide

As one of Atlantic Canada’s leading publishing houses, Metro Guide Publishing (MGP) produces 20 publications, reaching a multitude of readers in seven market sectors—tourism, education, business, home & lifestyle, arts & culture, entertainment, and shipping & transportation. Some of MGP’s publications include Unravel MagazineOur Children and SaltscapesTo see more, surf to metroguide.ca