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Each Mindful Maple Leaf is a uniquely carved labradorite stone produced at the Great Caribou Studio, a Nunatsiavut-based workshop that adheres to the Indigenous principles of artists and craftspeople. Photo: submitted

Rock of Ages

A unique art project aims to bring healing and share First Nations heritage The colours are spectacular.  Shades of blue and green are the most popular, but hold a piece of labradorite and look for traces of yellow, red, and gold. Iridescent and shimmering, the gemstone is said to reflect the aurora borealis trapped within.… Read More»

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Well said: Drilling and drinking advice from East Coast experts

Well said

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Drilling and drinking advice from East Coast experts In the 1948 film Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, Jim Blandings (Cary Grant) checks in to see what kind of progress the well-digger is making. “How far down are you?” Blandings asks. “Oh, about 130 feet,” replies Mr. Casander, the well-digger. Blandings wonders if he’s had… Read More»

P.E.I. potter Suzanne Scott with the popular pink mug that everyone wants to get their hands on. Photo: Dave Brosha

The “Jilly” mug effect

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How a blush pink coffee mug kept the wheels turning at P.E.I.’s Village Pottery  It took 47 minutes flat for the 50 blush pink mugs at P.E.I.’s Village Pottery to sell out on a recent summer day. It was the second time in a week that the New London pottery shop had restocked the mugs… Read More»

Style influencer Brett Meech. Photo: Steve Smith, Visionfire Studios

Calm, curated and collected

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The “talked about” style trends for spring 2022 are speaking my language If ever there was a time where antiques were “trending,” it would be now. Coming into spring 2022 we are seeing things finally return to normal after a global crisis. As humans, we have been and will continue to seek comfort in the… Read More»

Wrapped presents Photo: Steve Smith, VisionFire Studios

Bubble wrap

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The bubble has burst but the ties are still strong.  Give your gifts a little East Coast flair with tartan trimmings woven with the fabric of our landscapes and the places we hold dear  Hints of gold An interweaving of gold, a symbol of potential wealth, forest green for the lumbering; meadow green for agriculture,… Read More»

Stained glass scene Photo: SGO Designer Glass

A thousand years of beauty

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Bring the timeless elegance of stained-glass into your home In much of its 1,000-year history, stained glass has been associated with churches and religion. More recently, it became noteworthy due to the famous lamps created by Louis Comfort Tiffany. These days, your home décor can showcase the elegant beauty and whimsy of this ancient artform.… Read More»

Bedroom decor, pink and grey pillows. Photo: Jenna Dunlop

What’s new for 2022

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The year of living cozily East Coast designers break down the trends that will shape homes in 2022 Due to COVID-19, 2021 was a year where homeowners started to rethink their spaces, leaving 2022 open to an array of new and old ideas. It’s expected looks will take a cozier, softer approach, emphasizing warm colours… Read More»

Dartmouth, N.S. resident Megan Brydon loves the idea of a locally owned bespoke book club. Photo: Bruce Murray, Visionfire Studios

Perfect pairings

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During the pandemic, an East Coast bibliophile found the perfect way to bring the book-club experience home — with books, wine, and chocolate The pandemic changed the way we connect, and in many ways, sparked new ideas and opportunities to bond. While stowed away in Dartmouth during quarantine, avid reader and wine lover Emma Bent… Read More»

A window inspired by the Flower of Life. Photo: Bruce Murray, VisionFire Studios

The power of the circle

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A window inspired by the Flower of Life brings positive energy into a South End Halifax reno A circle. A simple curved line in an endless loop, the foundational shape of life. Stained glass window artist Lynette Richards sees the circle as primal, featuring it prominently in her work. When she was engaged to create… Read More»

DIY Mom Rebekah Higgs bevelled and sanded a second-hand table top, fashioned legs from some oak dowels, and made herself a dining room table for just over $90 in materials. Photo: Rebekah Higgs

Making do with the doyenne of DIY

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DIY Mom Rebekah Higgs has a few words for East Coast Living readers who get a chill thinking about taking on home projects this winter: Do it anyway If you’re like me, offered the notion of building a barn-style sliding door with old wood and a second-hand steel runner, you’d say: Why would I do… Read More»

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