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A sound experience. Photo: Submitted

A sound experience

Wired or wireless, create a plan that will bring music to your ears   Kevin Sawler is explaining the advantages of wired-in sound systems when my cellphone drops the call. I phone him back and apologize. “See?” Sawler says. “Wireless.” According to Sawler, who owns Glubes Audio Video in Dartmouth, “There are brands that do… Read More»

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Well said: Drilling and drinking advice from East Coast experts

Well said

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Drilling and drinking advice from East Coast experts In the 1948 film Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, Jim Blandings (Cary Grant) checks in to see what kind of progress the well-digger is making. “How far down are you?” Blandings asks. “Oh, about 130 feet,” replies Mr. Casander, the well-digger. Blandings wonders if he’s had… Read More»

Wrapped presents Photo: Steve Smith, VisionFire Studios

Bubble wrap

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The bubble has burst but the ties are still strong.  Give your gifts a little East Coast flair with tartan trimmings woven with the fabric of our landscapes and the places we hold dear  Hints of gold An interweaving of gold, a symbol of potential wealth, forest green for the lumbering; meadow green for agriculture,… Read More»

DIY Mom Rebekah Higgs bevelled and sanded a second-hand table top, fashioned legs from some oak dowels, and made herself a dining room table for just over $90 in materials. Photo: Rebekah Higgs

Making do with the doyenne of DIY

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DIY Mom Rebekah Higgs has a few words for East Coast Living readers who get a chill thinking about taking on home projects this winter: Do it anyway If you’re like me, offered the notion of building a barn-style sliding door with old wood and a second-hand steel runner, you’d say: Why would I do… Read More»

In Europe, the centuries old tradition of seaweed thatching is now being utilized by the building industry as a sustainable material for insulating. Could it make a comeback here? Kathryn Larsen an architectural technologist in Denmark is changing the perceptions about seaweed insulation. She shared her images of the Seaweed Pavilion she designed where people can take a seat and think about the rot and flame resistant properties of the eco-friendly material. Photo: Kelly Hudson

Seaweed in the walls

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Could an old practice be the future of home insulation?  Patrick Crabbe, a housing specialist who works in Bedford, N.S., is trying to be patient. “Like I said, I don’t think that’s actually a thing,” he says. I persist. “But it was … you know … once upon a time. I mean not too long… Read More»

Burnett built the curio cabinet of walnut to house the client’s replica weapon and memorabilia collection. It has a grid structure to mount the swords on lucite dowels and magnets giving the appearance they’re floating in the cabinet. Photo: Bruce Murray, VisionFire Studios

It’s in her nature

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A Nova Scotian cabinetmaker opens the door to custom design The natural world inspires cabinetmaker Carole Burnett. Working out of her home studio in Boutlier’s Point, N.S., she catches glimpses of the Atlantic Ocean through a wall of green trees in the summer. In winter, the view opens to capture the islands of St. Margaret’s… Read More»

Scrap the wood

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Is it time to consider alternative decking materials? “They don’t make wood like they used to,” says my neighbour, a retired hardware store owner whose sense of humor is drier than summer kindling, as he surveys my chipped, gouged, bleached, and blanched backyard deck. “You can always tell people that you like it that way… Read More»

Set your sites on good design

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When the synthesis of nature and building is part of the plan There are important factors to consider when building a home in Atlantic Canada. Newfoundland architect Chris Woodford says being able to open the front door and not having the dog blow away is one of them. In 2013, Woodford moved back to his… Read More»

Suite soak

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A timelessly elegant reno brings a long-awaited luxury bathroom to a Newfoundland bungalow It’s the end of a long day.  All you can think about is a cup of tea and a soak in the tub. Then you open the doors to your new ensuite and feel as if you were transported to a luxury… Read More»

A tiny room with a perfect view

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Global pandemic got you down? Joe Gillivan can’t say enough about the soothing powers of a good home sauna. Increasingly, he’s not alone When Joe Gillivan squeezes all 6’4” of himself into the one-seater sauna that sits in the corner of his home gym, his world doesn’t shrink. It gets bigger. “I don’t care if… Read More»

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