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Building change, building on tradition

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When I was in junior high, I wish that I had made more noise about transferring out of the home economics class that was pre-determined for the girls. I would have enjoyed the boys’ option, what they then called industrial arts.  I remember sitting at my desk wearing my yellow and white checked apron that… Read More»

Containers of mixed perennials offer colour on a deck. Photo: Jodi DeLong

Containing the season’s enthusiasm

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Keeping the planter colour and interest going well into winter Autumn sneaks up on us.  The days get shorter, the sun rises later and sets earlier. The air is gloriously warm most days, and cooler at night. The vegetable garden has been profuse, and we’ve canned, frozen, dehydrated, and enjoyed its bounty. There’s still some… Read More»

Sand casting creates a textured design in statement jewelry inspired by waves and swirling water. Photo: Jeanette Walker

The sands of time (and stories)

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Bespoke jewelry by P.E.I. artist Jeanette Walker In the 1980s, Jeanette Walker made white go-go dresses with fluorescent colours for her friends to wear when clubbing in Toronto. When the blue lights shined, the colours of the dresses would show up.  Realizing something was missing, Walker used the same fluorescent paint to create unique polymer… Read More»

Burnett built the curio cabinet of walnut to house the client’s replica weapon and memorabilia collection. It has a grid structure to mount the swords on lucite dowels and magnets giving the appearance they’re floating in the cabinet. Photo: Bruce Murray, VisionFire Studios

It’s in her nature

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A Nova Scotian cabinetmaker opens the door to custom design The natural world inspires cabinetmaker Carole Burnett. Working out of her home studio in Boutlier’s Point, N.S., she catches glimpses of the Atlantic Ocean through a wall of green trees in the summer. In winter, the view opens to capture the islands of St. Margaret’s… Read More»

The textile artist, Megan Samms, grows and forages to make her own plant dyes. Photo: Kirsten Pope

The rhythm of a heartbeat

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Textile artist Megan Samms on weaving and the reciprocity of the natural world Megan Samms married her partner in a sheltered cove yellow with daffodils. The textile artist returns often to that field planted by her great-great-great grandmother, on occasion tenderly retrieving bulbs for her own garden.  “Yesterday, I moved three bulbs,” the Indigenous artist,… Read More»

Fourth-year millwright apprentices Della Ryan, Casandra Whalen and Amanda Reese are getting the support from programming offered by the Office to Advance Women Apprentices. With offices in all four Atlantic provinces, the organizations mission is to identify the barriers and track and measure the success of skilled construction tradeswomen in the region. Photo: Kassondra Barry Photography

Breaking down barriers

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Meet the women building the East Coast When it comes to careers with a hammer, voltmeter, and other tools of the construction industry, women are woefully underrepresented.  But their success and mentorship is key as Atlantic Canada and the rest of the country face a looming labour shortage, with tens of thousands of Baby Boomers… Read More»

Impulsively perfect

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How to transform a spur of the moment decision into the best idea ever So, don’t be mad. But I bought a cottage today in Chester.” “You, did what?”  “I fell in love with this place, and I think you’ll love it too, but I had to put an offer in quickly and it was… Read More»

Set your sites on good design

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When the synthesis of nature and building is part of the plan There are important factors to consider when building a home in Atlantic Canada. Newfoundland architect Chris Woodford says being able to open the front door and not having the dog blow away is one of them. In 2013, Woodford moved back to his… Read More»

The botanical medicine cabinet

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With a little care, you can find herbal remedies growing around you Long ago while a student at the former Nova Scotia Agricultural College (now the Dalhousie University Agricultural Campus), I grew interested in wild plants, for gardening, culinary and medicinal purposes. A presentation I did on useful wild plants began with a quotation from… Read More»

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