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Building with stone

The timeless appeal of the classic fireplace Susan MacDonald knew she achieved the look she wanted when her custom river-stone fireplace led a visitor to believe her newly built cottage was from a much earlier era.  “He apologized. He didn’t understand my elation with his comment,” she says. “This was a bare piece of land… Read More»

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Classic and modern

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Contemporary new home offers the best of country and city living In March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to a halt. But Mike Ungar and Paula Mullen looked at their unexpected time at home as an opportunity. The couple had talked about building a new house, but with Ungar’s busy schedule as the… Read More»

Heritage home meets Nordic chic

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Susan Drover’s carefully curated home bucks style trends I’m not personally a trend follower, I’m more of an observer of things I love,” says Susan Drover from her heritage home in downtown St. John’s, N.L. Drover has turned her historic 129-year-old house into what she calls a “Nordic chic” refuge, with design values she hopes… Read More»

Lori McKay, Senior Editor. Photo: Studio Umlah

That’s a wrap

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Our final issue for 2022 offers holiday inspiration, fabulous East Coast art and delicious local flavours I love decorating for Christmas. My holiday style isn’t extravagant. We put up a few outdoor lights and a wreath on the door. Inside, in addition to our tree, you’ll find splashes of red and greenery here and there, and… Read More»

Add some PUNCH to your holiday celebration

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Punch is making a comeback this holiday season. And we don’t mean the bright red syrup with floating foreign objects that triggers college flashbacks. We’re talking real punch, made with artisanal Atlantic-crafted spirits and local seasonal ingredients. East Coast Living partnered with four Atlantic distilleries to bring you the best holiday gin punch. Punch dates… Read More»

Cute stuff for cute people

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Artist combines a love of animals and art to create whimsical pieces After working as a veterinarian in Newfoundland for many years, Kimberly Clarke decided to pursue her love of art. She enrolled in an art-and-craft-based textiles program at the College of the North Atlantic in 2016. “I’ve always made art, mostly illustrations,” says Clarke.… Read More»

‘Tis apple season

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Forget pumpkins. In Nova Scotia, it’s all about apples in the fall. And what better way to celebrate than with a locally-made, apple-infused cocktail?

Yes, you can

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You may think jarring jellies, jams, onions, cukes and even lobster is a weirdly out-of-date tradition, but thanks to the pandemic and the rising cost of everything, canning is back I could see by the way she parked her shopping cart — blocking access to the shelf that contained the last box of rubber-sealed mason… Read More»

Briny bivalves

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Oysters: An East Coast delicacy Based on their teardrop-shaped shells, the Romans once called them calliblepharis, meaning “beautiful eyelids.” Legend has it, Emperor Vitellius feasted on a thousand of them in one sitting and Casanova ate 50 each morning to boost his libido. They are a delicacy of kings and vagabonds, given exotic names like Hama… Read More»

Curiouser and curiouser

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Artist Adam McNamara finds inspiration in the Acadian forest Adam McNamara describes his artistic style as “halfway between reality and Alice in Wonderland.” McNamara is a self-taught woodworker with a love for nature. Based in Upper LaHave, N.S., he came upon the craft by chance when a neighbour was moving out of his own woodworking… Read More»

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