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Building change, building on tradition

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When I was in junior high, I wish that I had made more noise about transferring out of the home economics class that was pre-determined for the girls. I would have enjoyed the boys’ option, what they then called industrial arts.  I remember sitting at my desk wearing my yellow and white checked apron that… Read More»

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Dandelion Illustration by Brenda Jones

Make a wish for a good dose of summer

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I’ve always loved dandelions. From the moment their happy little tufts of yellow poke their heads up through spring grass to their transformation to feathery puffballs that accept wishes, carrying them away with a single breath of air—they just make me happy. It’s ironic that we all celebrate these first little endorsements that summer is… Read More»

Find your reasons to celebrate

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Recently my daughter and I ventured into Halifax for a change of scenery. She was on her university reading week and needed to escape the confines of her bedroom, where she spends most of her days tethered to a desk and computer, the unrelenting reality of online education.  The trip to the city made us… Read More»

We all need a little more of what we love

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There is an art to living beautifully and people on the East Coast seem to have a real knack for it. We know that it is not really about what we have, but what we are able to do with what we’ve got. This past year, each and every one of us has become masters… Read More»

Be more kind

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“Oh come on,” I muttered to myself as I watched the man turn into the other end of the aisle moving against the arrows. While this method of navigating the grocery store frustrates me too, I follow rules. I seethed silently as he rolled his cart toward me. As we passed, our eyes met over… Read More»

Sewing my way through COVID-19

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My sewing machine stayed in its box for about a decade until COVID-19 hit our region. In my 20s, I sewed and knit a lot, but over the years, I grew busier and my hobbies fell by the wayside. As the pandemic heralded a slower life closer to home, my old pastimes began to call.… Read More»

Birds in flight

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Tell us about your hobbies

Easy as pie

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In our winter issue: perfecting pies, a 250-year-old home, and a heat pump primer

Welcome home – Fall 2019

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Happy birthday to us! Since 1999, homeowners across our region invited us to step inside their homes, from Fogo Island, Newfoundland to the Acadian Shore in New Brunswick and Montague, P.E.I, to Antigonish, N.S. While house styles and design trends change from year to year, what never changes is the hospitality we experience everywhere we… Read More»

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