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Book excerpt: Get growing with cucamelons

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In this excerpt from her new book, Veggie Garden Remix, award-winning Atlantic Canadian gardening writer Niki Jabbour introduces readers to the tiny but versatile cucamelon

Growing garlic

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We can’t promise it’ll keep vampires away, but growing your own garlic offers your cooking a burst of flavour

Late-season wonders

By |

Don’t fret if you’ve missed spring planting — there’s plenty you can plant now to harvest in the fall

Calling all pollinators

By |

Creating habitats for bees and butterflies helps your garden and the environment.

Growing plants indoors

By |

Starting plants from seed is the next step to earning your green thumb

Put your garden to bed for winter

By |

Getting your garden ready for winter is a big job, but worthwhile when you start fresh next spring

Mix your own potting soil

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Mixing your own potting soil is a simple way to know that your plants are getting the nutrients they need to thrive.

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