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Thrill of the grill

By |

Grilling fruits and veggies­—not just for dinner time

Birds in flight

By |

Tell us about your hobbies

Coming home

By |

A P.E.I. writer shares the joys
and fears of raising pigeons

Amazing aloe vera

By |

Learn to grow this useful succulent at home

Mapping a new path

By |

In 2012, when the prestigious Polaris Music Prize asked Jud Haynes to design its poster, the Newfoundland artist didn’t want to stray from the organization’s screen printed aesthetic. Yet, he was faced with one small hurdle: he didn’t know how to screen print. This small obstacle birthed the company Rehearsals Rehearsals, founded by Haynes and… Read More»

Make a statement

By |

Oversized house plants are the latest indoor gardening trend

Black ties and long gowns

By |

Ready to host a show-stopping celebration? Here’s what you need to consider before sending the invitations

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