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Dandelion Illustration by Brenda Jones

Make a wish for a good dose of summer

I’ve always loved dandelions. From the moment their happy little tufts of yellow poke their heads up through spring grass to their transformation to feathery puffballs that accept wishes, carrying them away with a single breath of air—they just make me happy. It’s ironic that we all celebrate these first little endorsements that summer is… Read More»

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Find your reasons to celebrate

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Recently my daughter and I ventured into Halifax for a change of scenery. She was on her university reading week and needed to escape the confines of her bedroom, where she spends most of her days tethered to a desk and computer, the unrelenting reality of online education.  The trip to the city made us… Read More»

Open your senses to East Coast wine

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Atlantic Canadian vintners have moved from frontier to frontline, blending traditional methods and innovations Wine is not just about savouring tastes for Moira Peters. The notes she looks for in her glass are not just flavour profiles or what’s on the nose, but also people and place–the toil and talent that came together to create… Read More»

Finding a home for your tiny home

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Tiny homes are becoming a big deal in Atlantic Canada, but you can’t just plunk them down wherever you want Red tape abounds when it comes to finding allowable locales for tiny homes, which are often built on flatbed trailers with wheels and run about 2.6 metres by 6.8 metres (anything wider requires a special… Read More»

Niki Jabbour adjusts a hoop tunnel in a snow-covered garden of raised beds.

Extend your gardening season

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Start small with mini hoop tunnels and cold frames The following excerpt is from the new book Growing Under Cover: Techniques for a More Productive, Weather-Resistant, Pest-Free Vegetable Garden (Storey Publishing) by Niki Jabbour.Used with permission. There is no one right garden structure. If you’re new to gardening, start small and begin with a mini… Read More»

Greenhouse Essentials

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Want to extend your gardening season? Here’s what you need to know to take it indoors Photos by Nicole Lapierre Photography It makes sense that with the explosion in home gardening in 2020 due to COVID-19, many people would segue from having an outdoor garden in summer to also having a greenhouse.  Greenhouses come in… Read More»

Meaghan Adams adjusts a 4-layer white cake covered in pink and pale yellow edible sugar flowers and leaves

A sweet slice of spring

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Cake designer Meaghan Adamski shares how you can make your own extravagant cake and eat it too! Photos by Bruce Murray/Visionfire One of the most welcome signs of spring is the unfurling of the season’s first flowers. Those tiny buds sometimes forcing their way through the last dustings of stubborn snow, a fantastic display of… Read More»

We all need a little more of what we love

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There is an art to living beautifully and people on the East Coast seem to have a real knack for it. We know that it is not really about what we have, but what we are able to do with what we’ve got. This past year, each and every one of us has become masters… Read More»

Leap before you look

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A visit to Lunenburg led to a spontaneous house purchase and now the Cranstons are embracing the East Coast lifestyle Goldie and Denise Cranston had no intention of buying an old home in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia when they visited the town for the first time a couple of years ago for a birthday weekend getaway.… Read More»

A tiny room with a perfect view

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Global pandemic got you down? Joe Gillivan can’t say enough about the soothing powers of a good home sauna. Increasingly, he’s not alone When Joe Gillivan squeezes all 6’4” of himself into the one-seater sauna that sits in the corner of his home gym, his world doesn’t shrink. It gets bigger. “I don’t care if… Read More»

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