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Winter warmer

Get cozy this season with this unique hot toddy recipe Historians think the hot toddy originated in India as a quasi-cure to the common cold. Whisky doesn’t heal you, but combined with honey, lemon and hot water, it soothes your throat, allowing you to momentarily forget your cold symptoms.   But you don’t have to be… Read More»

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Add some PUNCH to your holiday celebration

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Punch is making a comeback this holiday season. And we don’t mean the bright red syrup with floating foreign objects that triggers college flashbacks. We’re talking real punch, made with artisanal Atlantic-crafted spirits and local seasonal ingredients. East Coast Living partnered with four Atlantic distilleries to bring you the best holiday gin punch. Punch dates… Read More»

Get on board

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A beautiful charcuterie display makes the ideal centrepiece for holiday sharing East Coast Living has planned an all-local charcuterie and cheese board that’s perfect for your holiday gathering. By showcasing the best Maritime ingredients — including something a little salty, a little sweet, a little crunchy and a little creamy — everything can be displayed… Read More»

‘Tis apple season

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Forget pumpkins. In Nova Scotia, it’s all about apples in the fall. And what better way to celebrate than with a locally-made, apple-infused cocktail?

Yes, you can

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You may think jarring jellies, jams, onions, cukes and even lobster is a weirdly out-of-date tradition, but thanks to the pandemic and the rising cost of everything, canning is back I could see by the way she parked her shopping cart — blocking access to the shelf that contained the last box of rubber-sealed mason… Read More»

Briny bivalves

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Oysters: An East Coast delicacy Based on their teardrop-shaped shells, the Romans once called them calliblepharis, meaning “beautiful eyelids.” Legend has it, Emperor Vitellius feasted on a thousand of them in one sitting and Casanova ate 50 each morning to boost his libido. They are a delicacy of kings and vagabonds, given exotic names like Hama… Read More»

Time for tea

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Afternoon and high teas are making a comeback Once a cherished way to spend time with friends and family, afternoon and high teas are back in fashion.  “I think it feels traditional or nostalgic,” says Angela Barclay, general manager of Red Oak Catering, which runs the Rooms Café in St. John’s, Nfld. “It’s a throwback… Read More»

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Planning a much-needed girls’ weekend?

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From yoga to guided hikes, it’s time to think outside the box As I placed the last linen napkin on my outdoor table, I smiled. In just a few short hours I would be surrounded by my girlfriends, in what felt like a long overdue reunion. It had been pre-pandemic since I’d seen a few… Read More»

Daniel Curren and his team at the scoop shop in Tatamagouche. Photo: Steve Smith, VisionFire Studios

Life is sweet (and savoury)

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Tatamagouche Ice Creamery offers flavours beyond traditional When Daniel Curren thinks of ice cream, he sees a blank canvas, imagining potential flavours far beyond the traditional chocolate, vanilla and strawberry of his youth. Want to try a scoop of Ocean Playground Sea Salted Caramel? Or perhaps a Bourbon Coffee ice cream? What about something spicy,… Read More»

Photo: John Cullen

Sparkling wines of summer

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A tour of the East Coast’s newest bubblies According to Salvador Dalí, great wine requires a mad man to grow the vine, a wise man to watch over it, a lucid poet to make it, and a lover to drink it. In Atlantic Canada, we have it all. And if “struggling vines make great wines,”… Read More»

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