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Raise a glass

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Wild fruit wines experience an Atlantic Canadian revival as wine enthusiasts expand their palates

Brave new breweries

By |

Atlantic Canadian brewers are putting it all on the line to produce exciting and delicious homegrown beers

Delicious smoked drinks

By |

Learn how mixologists and brewmasters are enhancing the flavour and drama of their drinks

Tapping into cider

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Learn how the craft cider movement is building momentum in Atlantic Canada.

Summer session beers

By |

Lighter brews need not skimp on flavour and complexity. Plenty of Atlantic Canadian breweries are making stand-out, refreshing beers in a variety of styles.

Craft cocktails

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Learn how bartenders and chefs are using locally foraged ingredients to craft innovative cocktails

Reinventing rum

By |

Long Atlantic Canada’s spirit of choice, rum is now being produced by our own micro-distilleries.

The Belgian beer experience

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Belgian-style beers bring complex and exciting flavours to Atlantic Canadian brewers

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