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Food ideas

Get on board

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A beautiful charcuterie display makes the ideal centrepiece for holiday sharing East Coast Living has planned an all-local charcuterie and cheese board that’s perfect for your holiday gathering. By showcasing the best Maritime ingredients — including something a little salty, a little sweet, a little crunchy and a little creamy — everything can be displayed… Read More»

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Yes, you can

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You may think jarring jellies, jams, onions, cukes and even lobster is a weirdly out-of-date tradition, but thanks to the pandemic and the rising cost of everything, canning is back I could see by the way she parked her shopping cart — blocking access to the shelf that contained the last box of rubber-sealed mason… Read More»

Briny bivalves

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Oysters: An East Coast delicacy Based on their teardrop-shaped shells, the Romans once called them calliblepharis, meaning “beautiful eyelids.” Legend has it, Emperor Vitellius feasted on a thousand of them in one sitting and Casanova ate 50 each morning to boost his libido. They are a delicacy of kings and vagabonds, given exotic names like Hama… Read More»

Daniel Curren and his team at the scoop shop in Tatamagouche. Photo: Steve Smith, VisionFire Studios

Life is sweet (and savoury)

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Tatamagouche Ice Creamery offers flavours beyond traditional When Daniel Curren thinks of ice cream, he sees a blank canvas, imagining potential flavours far beyond the traditional chocolate, vanilla and strawberry of his youth. Want to try a scoop of Ocean Playground Sea Salted Caramel? Or perhaps a Bourbon Coffee ice cream? What about something spicy,… Read More»

Un-beet-able spring recipes by Chef Andrew Farrell. Photo: Bruce Murray, Visionfire Studios

Rooting for flavour: Un-beet-able spring recipes

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Halifax chef Andrew Farrell shares his latest recipes made with everyone’s favourite red vegetable Beets, such a wonderful treat! These vegetal gems are great for all kinds of creative dishes, from a depression-era inspired red velvet cake to a creamy vinaigrette. Discover the many uses and flavours of beet in these unique recipes. Note: All… Read More»

Photo by Steve Smith, VisionFire Studios

Holy Bannock Cannoli!

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After an inspired trip to Italy this fall, East Coast Chef Stéphane Levac is back in his own kitchen reimaging a few Italian classics with his signature Indigenous flair. We’re heading into those winter months, and I must say this is my favourite time of year to get into the kitchen and cook up a… Read More»

Since competing on season nine of Top Chef Canada, Stéphane Levac says that many new opportunities have opened up to him. Photo: Steve Smith, Visionfire Studios

Family, foraging, and food

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The things that keep me connected to my true self I grew up in Sturgeon Falls, a small francophone community in Northern Ontario. Food was never on my radar. We were a busy sports family, whether that was hockey in the winter, baseball in the summer, and lots of basketball in high school. Meals were… Read More»

Catch with a conscience

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The East Coast enjoys a rich haul of sustainable seafood—just treat it with respect Atlantic Canada produces a smorgasbord of sustainable seafood. Finding it just requires doing a little research and asking questions. “There’s a degree of education that we all have to grapple with,” says Halifax Chef Andrew Farrell. “My family was from Newfoundland… Read More»

BERRY BLISS U-plant, u-pick, u-enjoy!

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Savour the flavours of summer’s beautiful bounty Lush with berries, summertime on the East Coast yields bountiful opportunities to seek new adventures, try new recipes, or plant new seedlings. Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries (both cultivated and wild) abound throughout the region. Sweet, delicious, nutritious: edible gems worthy of celebration. Just getting your berries can… Read More»

Meaghan Adams adjusts a 4-layer white cake covered in pink and pale yellow edible sugar flowers and leaves

A sweet slice of spring

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Cake designer Meaghan Adamski shares how you can make your own extravagant cake and eat it too! Photos by Bruce Murray/Visionfire One of the most welcome signs of spring is the unfurling of the season’s first flowers. Those tiny buds sometimes forcing their way through the last dustings of stubborn snow, a fantastic display of… Read More»

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