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Rooted to the past

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Indigenous food ways are a key part of the culture in Eel Ground First Nation

Dinner on the rocks

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With fun and imagination, your beachside bonfire meal can have tasty recipes made of foraged ingredients and local specialties

Grills gone wild 

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Make the most of our limited grilling season on the East Coast with expert tips and hot recipe ideas

Perfect pairings

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Artisanal cheese is coming into its own in Atlantic Canada. Philip Belanger, chair of the Canadian Cheese Grand Prix national competition, pairs local foods and drinks with regional cheeses to highlight their complex flavours.

Go for green

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Long-anticipated first signs of spring, herbs add zing to your dishes

How to shuck an oyster

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New to oysters? Don’t sweat it. Maxime Daigle of La Maison BeauSoleil shares his winning oyster shucking tips

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