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  • This piece features Annie Sloan Antibes Green lightened to mint by mixing in Old White. Use two coats painted with a slightly damp natural bristle brush to obtain a nice even finish, then sealed with Clear Soft Wax.
  • Mix colours to find your favourite combination.
  • Click to the next picture to see how Mélanie Paulin transformed this vintage sofa into something truly unique.
  • This sofa features a custom colour mix of Napoleonic Blue and Emperor’s Silk by Annie Sloan. Mélanie Paulin misted the fabric with water before painting to thin down the paint and improve absorption. Once dry, she sealed the fabric with Clear Soft Wax, giving it a nice leather feel and making it easy to clean.
  • This painted floor features a base coat of Pure White, washed with Paris Grey, sealed with Annie Sloan water-based lacquer.
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Gallery: Dress up your home with chalk paint

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This decorative trend is poised to last another year and it’s not just for distressed furniture

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