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Building with stone

The timeless appeal of the classic fireplace Susan MacDonald knew she achieved the look she wanted when her custom river-stone fireplace led a visitor to believe her newly built cottage was from a much earlier era.  “He apologized. He didn’t understand my elation with his comment,” she says. “This was a bare piece of land… Read More»

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Time for tea

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Afternoon and high teas are making a comeback Once a cherished way to spend time with friends and family, afternoon and high teas are back in fashion.  “I think it feels traditional or nostalgic,” says Angela Barclay, general manager of Red Oak Catering, which runs the Rooms Café in St. John’s, Nfld. “It’s a throwback… Read More»

Catherine Dempsey tends to one of her honeybee hives in Newfoundland. Photo: Greg Locke

To bee or not to bee

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Why you want honeybees in your yard Like many backyard beekeepers, Catherine Dempsey got the bug from another honey farmer.  She was running a series of heritage shops in Newfoundland and Labrador and started selling honey, lip balms, beeswax candles and other honeybee by-products from a family-run bee business on the island’s East Coast.   “When… Read More»

Atlantic Canada's skincare industry is growing and glowing

Face first

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Atlantic Canada’s skincare industry is growing and glowing Let’s talk sea kelp. And Labrador Tea. And even a secret field of roses. They’re all found in Atlantic Canada’s diverse, and growing, locally made skincare and cosmetics industry, where many businesses are emphasizing natural and clean products, some even foraging from the land and sea for… Read More»

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