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3 Dogs Gin Elderflower Punch

  New Brunswick’s 3 Dogs makes its gin in small batches using a multi-shot process. In effect, it makes a “concentrate,” which is proofed down to 43 per cent ABV. Unlike other distilleries, it doesn’t use commercially produced neutral grain spirit as the base. Instead, 3 Dogs produces its own onsite using sugar, which presents… Read More»

Ironworks Rose Punch

  Lunenburg, N.S.-based Ironworks Gin makes a traditional London dry, which means it gets its flavour from the steeping of the botanicals with no added sugar. It starts with high-quality, charcoal-filtered, neutral spirits made from Canadian grain and macerate, distilled with seven botanicals. Five of these are classic gin ingredients: juniper berry, coriander, orris root,… Read More»

Fundy Hot Punch

  Still Fired Distilleries in Annapolis Royal, N.S. produces Fundy Gin, a unique spirit, created in two stills: Kirby and Morgan, the first “legal” stills built in Atlantic Canada. Distiller Andrew Cameron adds Bay of Fundy beach stones in the column of the stills along with the dulse. They add salinity, making it taste like… Read More»

Newfoundland Distillery Seaweed Gin Punch

Seaweed Gin is made using two processes, both with the same ingredients. First, it’s made traditionally using the still and gin basket, which holds the juniper, seaweed and savoury. Secondly, the same ingredients are macerated in 79 per cent alcohol and then filtered out. The maceration preserves the natural oils in the juniper and seaweed… Read More»

Apple spiced rum old fashioned

Raging Crow Distillery make their Apple Spiced Rum by first simmering Macintosh apple peels with cinnamon sticks and vanilla before straining and mixing it into rum. The rum is distilled from Crosby’s Fancy Molasses and cane sugar. The taste is apple pie in a glass with the apple flavour and cinnamon complementing the smoothness of… Read More»

Hot apple toddy

Ironworks Distillery in Lunenburg, N.S., uses Annapolis Valley apples to create apple brandy. The apples are fermented, distilled on-site, and then aged in lightly toasted Hungarian Oak barrels for three years. The apples provide a rich, spicy flavour balanced with the barrel’s subtle vanilla and toffee notes.

Apple pie and rye

Still Fired Distillery in Annapolis Royal, N.S. bases its Granny Apple Pie Moonshine recipe on co-owner Owen Ritchie’s grandma’s signature apple pie recipe. A blend of unaged corn, whiskey, local fresh pressed apple cider (from Boates Farm) and spices are blended to create a smooth, easy-drinking moonshine.

Apple of my chai

Marrying six varieties of apples — all grown and handpicked in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley — together with cream and Grand Pré’s Pomme d’Or Cream liqueur, combines flavours of vanilla and hints of caramel with a soft, smooth palette. It can be sipped on its own, poured over ice or mixed in a chai tea… Read More»

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