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How to choose tea


Phillip Holmans, owner of World Tea House on Argyle Street in Halifax, imports teas from 20-some countries around the world, many of which he’s visited to select teas for his shop.

For morning tea, Holmans suggests a stronger brew such as one of the breakfast blends, including those of English, Irish, and Welsh varieties. These teas, Holmans says have dark, robust flavours. “That’s what will give you a strong cup of tea.”

For afternoon tea, choose something light in flavour and colour such as a Darjeeling, which Holmans says has musky, honey notes that pair well with the sweets and sandwiches.

For something different, try green tea or an Indian Nilgiri tea, which Holmans says has the same flavour profile and lighter, sweeter style of a Darjeeling.

Unlike morning teas, afternoon teas contain less caffeine “so you’re not wired up,” Holmans says.

Recipe courtesy of Phillip Holmans, World Tea House, Halifax



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